Author Topic: Vandaag of morgen versie 2.1d  (Read 755 times)

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Vandaag of morgen versie 2.1d
« on: August 29, 2003, 11:53:42 »
Van het Immersive forum:


Just wanted to update you all on Version 2.1d:

PowerStrip mirroring
......... This has been fixed and now the image is visible again

HDTV modes
......... These have now been added but needs to be tested. The modes available should behave identically to VideoProc that came with 2.1c. (Note: 720p -> 720p and Component HDTV may still not work until new drivers)

......... All have been added! Still needs to be tested.

Passthrough Issues
......... These are still being researched

Proc Amp Brightness
Proc Amp Contrast
Proc Amp Saturation
......... All have been added!

Aspect Ratio Control
......... Is now working for certain modes, as long as there is no downconversion going on. Still being tweaked.

Manual passthrough selection
.......... Have now been added for those with multiple displays, for those who prefer this to automatic passthrough selection.

Green line at the top
.......... Still researching this

Horizontal offsetting
.......... Have added a HPosition adjustment to attempt to resolve this one; but needs testing by end-users.

Better defaults - VCR Sync OFF / Noise Filter OFF / HSync Offset = -63 for SDI
.......... These have now been added.

So that's the status update. We are going to post this release very shortly. I plan to stay up late smoothing some more of the rough edges, so look for this download when you return home from work tomorrow! While this won't eliminate all the rough edges, this release should be even more polished than Version 2.1c. Look forward to it!

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