Author Topic: Eerste ervaringen met BD Live chatfunctie Sleeping Beauty  (Read 1318 times)

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Eerste ervaringen met BD Live chatfunctie Sleeping Beauty
« on: November 6, 2008, 16:57:38 »
Volg onderstaande link voor de eerste (niet bijster goede) ervaringen met de Live functies op de Sleeping Beauty BD, en dan met name de chatfunctie (heel veel meer is er niet, zo blijkt).

"So over all impressions? Well disney BD-Live I think has the potential to be completely awesome. Unfortunately it suffers so many bugs (perhaps some player related? for sure most disney related) that I really can't recommend sitting your kids in front of this with their friends and family across the nation to watch Sleeping Beauty or any other title graced with this feature. It just has too far to go. So personally I'm going to give it two grades, the first on ambition and the idea of it, the second on the real life experience as of right now

For ambition I give disney a A-
I think the concepts of the system are well thought out. If this was actually working the way disney says it should be then it would rock.

For actual implementation D+
It basically works, but is a bit cumbersome and awkward. Unfortunately most of the features that would solve those problems are TBA."

Bovendien lijkt er sprake van censuur, die nogal komisch uitpakt:

"So at the end of the movie the evil witch says something like "I'm calling on the wickedest forces from hell". So in my disney chat I type "Hell caught me off guard", since this is a 50's flick. What came out the other end? "**Um** caught me off guard". So apparnetly the movie can say hell, but I can't."