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Firmware 2.08 CII
« on: September 6, 2007, 19:25:50 »
Firmware "VER 2.08" is now available. See below for the changes made.


Release Notes

- automatic frame locking when output refresh rate is exact multiple of
- improved analog input signal detection
- improved HDMI output plug change detection and signal stability
- optimized handling of input signal color space change (BT601/BT709)
- associated screen shape stored with each customized resolution
- adjustable Output R/G/B Gain, Offset, and Saturation
- Added input/output color space and video level detail in OSD
information page.
- Accept both <CR> (carriage return) and <LF> (line feed) character as
line terminating in RS232 command protocol to improve compatibility with
various terminals and control systems.

Pixel Magic Support.
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