Author Topic: AVReview test: Sharp LC-46XD1E 1080P LCD TV  (Read 1126 times)

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AVReview test: Sharp LC-46XD1E 1080P LCD TV
« on: February 12, 2007, 12:45:52 »

Much has been made of Sharp's new 1080p LCD TV line-up and indeed the LC46XD1E is one of the most attractive looking sets we've seen in a while. Not only is the glossy black finish a real winner, the overall design is neat and compact, meaning it won't dominate the room any more than it needs to. It's reassuring to see a proper metal stand rather than a cheapo plastic one, too.

Another huge plus is its 'True HD' 1920x1080p panel, so not only will the LC46XD1E let you watch hi-def 1080i broadcasts from Sky in the resolution they were intended, but also you're good to go with the forthcoming 1080p-capable Playstation 3 plus any other Blu-ray/HD DVD hi-def disc spinners.

Connection-wise the LC46XD1E isn't quite as spot on though. While there are two HDMI slots, two Scarts (only one of which is RGB) and even a CI slot for Top Up TV, we were left scratching our heads at the lack of a dedicated component input. All's not quite lost though - there's a supplied 3 RCA to 15-pin D-sub adaptor to run a component picture via the onboard PC socket. For sound however you'll have to provide your own 3.5 mini jack lead as stingy old Sharp hasn't thrown one in. It's a small niggle, but irritating nonetheless.

Another minor annoyance is that once switched on, the LC46XD1E emits an ever-so-slight hum, although once the TV is at a decent volume (or if the deafening fan of an Xbox 360 lurks nearby) it's not a problem. Helpfully, the LC46XD1E tunes in analogue stations automatically and from then on it's a doddle to do the same for Freeview channels from its internal DTV tuner. There's an eight-day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) too, which is clear and functional.

While the remote certainly won't be taking home any style awards, it does the job fine and the TV's menu systems are functional without being over-complicated. There are plenty of picture tweaking options available too, most notably a backlight adjustment to suit the lighting conditions of your lounge.

For standard def viewing, the LC46XD1E performs about par for a 1080p telly. The analogue tuner is nothing to write home about, with a fair amount of motion smearing in evidence. Freeview reception via the internal digital tuner is noticeably better, although there's still some picture noise knocking around. Saying that, colours are generally pretty bold with some impressively dark blacks compared to some other equivalently sized hi-def TVs we've tried.

But let's face it, buying a full HD screen and only watching standard def telly is a bit like driving a Ferrari at 30mph. Push the LC46XD1E to 1080i, or better still 1080p, and predictably, there's a vast improvement. Motion tracking in particular is excellent, the nippy 4ms response rate coping well with fast-moving images from sports or gaming. Black levels are rewardingly dark too, and while brighter colours occasionally can emit a slightly unnatural hue, the overall tonal depth is fantastic.

Sound quality is good too, and while no onboard TV speaker can ever match a dedicated surround system, the LC46XD1E has plenty enough audio punch to cope with smaller sized rooms.
While not flawless, the LC46XD1E offers generally excellent performance at an extremely affordable price. Hi-def pictures in particular are fantastic, and while there are occasional issues with standard def viewing, not to mention a couple of technical anomalies, we reckon you're going to have to spend a fair bit more for a 46in screen that offers any significant improvement in performance (like Sony's wallet-busting 46X2000). So for that reason alone the LC46XD1E gets the big thumbs up from us. 
Score: 9/10

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