Author Topic: Firmware 1.3.5. voor MB100 / MB200 is uit  (Read 48422 times)

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Firmware 1.3.5. voor MB100 / MB200 is uit
« on: December 21, 2006, 17:58:59 »

firmware release 1.3.5


A updated Mediabox firmware release 1.3.5 is now on our website for user download and update.

This new "" contains 2 files, "MediaBox.bin" and "Firmware.bin". Unzip and place both files on a USB thumb drive or on the Mediabox internal harddisc. And refer to the user manual for detail firmware update instruction.


- added new menu slider control: while the Mediabox is in the file browser screen, press remote "MENU" will bring up a menu slider for:
Menu level, adjust file browser screen brightness to pervent display burnt in.
Thumbnail On/Off, if On, and the current folder has a "Thumbs.db" file, Mediabox will show a small thumbnail photo at the right hand side of the current highlighted media file.
Player Volume, for audio volume control before playing a media file.
- added new "Western New" .SRT subtitle font under System->Subtitle Encoding->Western New
- added Apple Mac HFS/HFS+ filesystem support
- added "minute" skipping (inadditional to % skipping) on supported media playback. During media file playback, press remote "ANGLE" to toggle skipping mode between %, min forward and min backward.
- added "soft" RESET, in file browser screen, holding remote "STOP" button for around 2 seconds will do a quick system restart.
- improved HDMI Output stability
- improved SlideShow photo to photo interval "blackout" issue
- changed default file browser screen to always display in full screen on a 16x9 display
- fixed MP3 with big metadata header
- fixed DVD IFO/ISO playback "stutter" with PCM soundtrack
- fixed Samba (Windows File Sharing) network streaming DVD IFO playback "stutter"

Please post feedback here. Thanks in advance.

Pixel Magic Support.

If you get "firmware not found" error in Setup->System->Software->Upgrade, please update the new firmware using the method in the user manual section 10.2 "Recovery from Firmware Corruption". After the firmware update, user setup/config will be reseted and you need to re-config the Mediabox.
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Re: Firmware 1.3.5. voor MB100 / MB200 is uit
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Re: Firmware 1.3.5. voor MB100 / MB200 is uit
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2020, 13:28:40 »
How do I download the firmware for the media box mb100

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Re: Firmware 1.3.5. voor MB100 / MB200 is uit
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At the moment there is no more direct support or update program.
So I think you're best off to search for the latest firmware online.   /   ISF & HAA certified
Custom installer

Volledige ISF calibraties inclusief HDR en 4K.

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