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nieuwe firmware Crystalio II Ver. 1.30
« on: December 7, 2006, 21:17:40 »
Release Note – by Pixel Magic Systems Ltd.
Crystalio II Release Note
Version 1.30
1. Cadence Lock of film 3:2 source to 2:2 or 3:3 output enabled, for
   the following input ports:
   - HDMI 1/2/3/4
   - SDI 1/2
   - COMPONENT 1/2
   - Internal Media Player
   note: to enable Cadence Lock feature, set output format/resolution
   to one of the followings:
   - resolution with refresh rate of 47.95 or 71.93, e.g.,
   - customized resolution with refresh rate of 47.95 or 71.93,
     i.e., enter 4795 or 7193 in the refresh rate input box
   - 1920x1080P24sF
   known issue:
   - Cadence Lock may not work with
     . Letterbox source AND
     . Output screen shape is wider than the source
     For example, 16:9 letterbox source AND 2.35:1 output screen shape
   - Cadence Lock may not work well when input signal timing is not
     stable; when that happens, a "jump" with the source movie (e.g.,
     fast forward, next chapter, pause then play, etc.) may help to
2. Film Bias deinterlacing mode for VXP
3. 1080P24sF output available
4. New option to turn off "Flicker Free" interlaced output
   - Flicker Free is default, when output is interlace rather than
     Progressive, prior to this firmware version
   - Flicker Free remove flicker when output directly to CRT projector
     or other device which display interlace signal directly
5. New test patterns "0-255 grey ramps"
6. Additional RS232 control port support, via RS232 to USB converter
   (which connected to USB port of Crystalio II)
   - This additional RS232 control port is for PD version of Crystalio
     II to have external RS232 control of Crystalio II operations AND
     Crystalio II control of PD projector as the same time
   - RS232 to USB converter supplied by Pixel Magic Systems separately
7. Significant improvement on firmware upgrade speed (of course user may
   experience this after this firmware upgrade, but not in this firmware
8. Faster auto aspect ratio detection for internal media player
   (VPS-3800 only)
9. Percent search of media playback for internal media player available,
   by pressing number keys on the remote control. For example, playback
   will jump to 20% of the media if "2" key is pressed
10. Show (HDCP) on front panel when source is HDCP encrypted
11. Faster profile saving
12. Improved component 1/2 signal detection
13. DynamicVP 1080i conditions now accept timings with any H-Active
    value (rather than 1920 only)
- Minor bug fixed in audio path
- Saving screen shape with customized resolution
- Solve video level problem of 0-255 output
- minor bug fix in hardwired pass-through
- garbage screen when no signal for some input ports
- minor bug fixed in macro key processing
- minor bug fixed in OSD focus bar
- minor bug fixed in HDMI output
- bug fixed in HDMI output device name detection
- Factory Reset/Default Settings also reset media player settings1. Media
Player integration
2. Output Brightness/Contrast/Sharpness/Saturation adjustment
3. Primary Color adjustment
4. New test patterns "Windowed IRE" 0-100
5. Test Pattern names relocated (IRE and Pure color patterns)
6. OSD elements for focus bars updated
7. OSD layout alignment updated for user defined names
8. Improved HDMI input port switching
9. Minor bug fixed in editbox
10. Quick menu can be invoked inside other quick menu
11. DynamicVP otherwise cause execution minor bug fixed
Media Player
Supported file types
 - DVD (.IFO .ISO)
 - MPEG2 (.TS .TRP .TP .VOB .M2T .M2P .M2V)
 - MP3, WAV

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Re: nieuwe firmware Crystalio II Ver. 1.30
« Reply #1 on: April 9, 2007, 19:18:13 »
Media Player
Supported file types
 - DVD (.IFO .ISO)
 - MPEG2 (.TS .TRP .TP .VOB .M2T .M2P .M2V)
 - MP3, WAV
Waarschuwing aan iedereen, het blijft ook bij deze formaten. Verwacht dus niet meer dan de bovenstaande formaten bij de interne mediaplayer !

Zie: http://www.pixelmagicforum.com/forum/showpost.php?p=17114&postcount=23