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AudioEnz test: Five bookshelf loudspeakers
« on: October 6, 2006, 13:15:18 »
By Michael Jones
October 2006

Kef iQ3, $899. Klipsch Synergy B3, $799. Paradigm Mini Monitor v4, $899. PSB B25, $999. Rega R1, $899.

Yes, it is possible to buy floor-standing speakers for less than $1000, but most of them are poor performers compared to equivalently priced stand-mount (or, to use that anachronistic term, “bookshelf”) speaker. Cheaper floorstanding speakers can easily become boomy in the bass and resonant in the midrange, often due to the larger cabinet panels.

Listening panel
Auditioning of the five speakers took place by myself over a period of three weeks, plus an evening with the AudioEnz Listening Panel, an informal and changing group who come together occasionally to listen to products under review.

Listening was carried out in my lounge, a medium sized rectangular room. Equipment used includes my Plinus 8150 amplifier and Meridian 508 CD player, with the speakers placed on Sound Creations single column stands.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this listening panel was the split between those who valued tonal balance above all else and those who placed a greater emphasis on the speaker’s ability to portray pace and timing. This split resulted in some panel members appreciating speakers that other panel members disliked – and for reasons that usually made sense. More on this in the individual reviews.


Five very different speakers caused some very different reactions from the listening panel. The Kef was probably the overall favourite, followed closely by the PSB. The Paradigm appealed for tone and scale, while the Rega appealed for musical information. The Klipsch, unfortunately, appealed to no one.

Lees de gehele test op:

NB prijzen zijn in Nieuwzeelandse dollars...
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