Author Topic: Group test: 37" flat TVs door AVreview  (Read 1116 times)

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Group test: 37" flat TVs door AVreview
« on: August 18, 2006, 14:18:05 »
Group test: 37in flat TVs
By John Archer

If you ask us, there's something peculiarly right about the 37in screen size. Now that high definition is here, 32in just doesn't seem quite big enough to do the extra picture quality justice; yet 40 and 42in screens can tend to over-dominate all but the largest living rooms - especially if other members of your household aren't quite as into the whole 'big telly' thing as you are. So right there in the middle, looking like a perfect, keep-everyone-happy compromise is the 37in size.

The TV makers seem to agree with us, too, as 37in screens are starting to appear in ever-larger numbers. Which is great, except that it makes deciding which one to buy ever harder. So maybe we can help…
Hitachi 37LD6600

Loewe Spheros R37

Panasonic TH-37PX600

Toshiba 37WLT66

Final verdict  
Two general points come out of this group test. First, it's really striking just how fast LCD prices are falling -especially at the 37in size point. Second, LCD shouldn't be the only flat TV technology you should consider, as that old favourite plasma still has plenty to offer to the discerning viewer.
Getting more specific, despite its remarkably cheap price, we have to put the Hitachi 37LD6600 in last place. It's certainly not a stinker in any way, and offers a level of all-round performance that still makes it worth thinking about if £1,100 is as far as your budget will stretch. But there's no avoiding the fact that all the other sets within this group test simply deliver better pictures.

Third place belongs to the Loewe Spheros R37. In the end its beautiful design and amazing audio aren't quite enough to justify its £3,000 price tag. To achieve that it would have had to offer better picture quality too.

Picking between first and second is really tough - so much so, in fact, that we're not going to do it! All we'll say is that if you want the absolute best all-round performer, you should probably err towards the Panasonic. But if you can't run to the Panasonic's £2,300 asking price, the Toshiba will still give you fabulous pictures - especially with HD - for a cool £800 less.

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