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Alien Signs - The Message
« on: November 1, 2002, 23:57:25 »
From: Eclectic DVD

For Immediate Release November 1, 2002

Alien Signs - The Message Available on DVD January 14, 2003 Through Eclectic DVD

Oaks, PA - Eclectic DVD and Waterfall Home Entertainment are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Alien Signs - The Message for North American distribution on DVD.

Designs in crops and grass lands popularly known as Crop Circles have been reported and documented around the world since the birth of Christ, the media and world authorities have begun to take interest and treat a percentage of the phenomenon with more seriousness.

The designs have become ever more intricate, often inter-woven, some appearing in just moments others overnight and an important number that can only be truly viewed and appreciated in detail from the air. Are they solely the work of man or natural energy forces yet unknown or the signatures of an alien race trying to make contact with mankind? If alien contact were proved, what are their intentions? The implications to the human race would be profound, established bedrocks of our present civilization, religion, government and world order could be seriously undermined, changed or even destroyed.

World Authority on Crop Circles, Colin Andrews investigates and endeavors to find answers to the crop circle phenomenon, examining cases and photographic evidence worldwide with the assistance of experts in sciences and the paranormal.

The discoveries for some will be disturbing, for others certainly challenging but we believe thought provoking

Catalog# WHES3010DVD
UPC 805203301097
Prebook December 10, 2002
Street Date January 14, 2003
Retail Price $12.95
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Running Time: 60 minutes
Region: 0 (codefree)

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