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AVreview Group Test: Headphones £100-£250
« on: December 12, 2005, 12:27:44 »

There are many occasions when a pair of headphones is desirable; to listen to music late at night without creating a disturbance, to allow other people to do other things in the same room as your hi-fi or simply to listen to your music in the way that only two miniature speakers strapped directly to your ears will allow. Sometimes nothing can beat that total immersion in music that a really good quality set of headphones can produce. We recently covered portable iPod replacement headphones in a Group Test so this review focuses on corded, full-size audiophile headphones designed for use in the great indoors.


To pick an overall winner from this group is a tough choice, the fact is that each of the headphones on test are of an incredibly high standard and as such they all come recommended.
But if push comes to shove, as it must in a group test, the one headphone that we’d recommend slightly more than the others would be the Grado SR125.

Though not as comfortable as some of the other headphones on test the overall warmth and detail of the sound they produce sets them firmly as our favourites. They might not look as rock and roll as some of the others but give them a try and we guarantee they’ll impress. 

Bron: http://www.avreview.co.uk/news/article/mps/UAN/535/v/5/sp/
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