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The Doe Boy
« on: August 22, 2002, 09:24:59 »
From: Wellspring Media

For Immediate Release

Wellspring Presents The Doe Boy

Written and directed by Randy Redroad, "The Doe Boy" was hailed "emotionally given a lift by Redroad's sensitive handling, the film's unforced spiritual element and an able cast" by Variety. The Doe Boy is a story about Hunter, a teenage Cherokee boy who is a hemophiliac in a culture obsessed with blood identity. He has two issues to deal with: his heredity and his name. His mother is a full Cherokee and his father is not. How much Native American lineage members of the tribe possess is an important issue. Not only is Hunter not considered full Cherokee, hemophilia is considered the "white man's disease." In addition to his angst of heredity, he mistakenly shot a doe while on his first hunting trip - a BIG no no within the Native American community. He is left with the name Hunter (from his father who is a dedicated life long hunter) but now is given the nickname Doe boy after the infamous incident.

James Duval (Donnie Darko) delivers a moving performance as Hunter, a half Cherokee cursed with the unfortunate affliction of hemophilia, a white man's disease. Guarded by his overprotective mother, all he really wants is to be able to hunt like his father. On his first and only hunting trip, he mistakenly kills a doe, a major taboo that earns him the nickname "Doe Boy" and the disappointment of his father. As he moves forward in life, his grandfather teaches him the importance between hunting and killing and gives him the courage to find the love he desperately seeks.

VHS: $59.98 DVD: $24.98
Street Date: September 24, 2002
Order cut off date: August 28, 2002
Running Time: 83 Minutes
Rating: Not rated   /   ISF & HAA certified
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