Author Topic: Versie 2.4 gereleased voor H3DII en H3DI.  (Read 999 times)

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Versie 2.4 gereleased voor H3DII en H3DI.
« on: October 31, 2003, 16:00:57 »

Version 2.4 improves upon Version 2.3. This release is designed for all HOLO3D I/II users with and without HD-Aux.

System Tray Icon
You can now make HOLO3D run in the system tray. When minimized, HOLO3D will now use 0% CPU and little RAM!
- To enable, right click on the HOLO3D window and select "System Tray Icon".
- Doubleclick system tray icon to display HOLO3D
- Minimizing and closing the HOLO3D window will put HOLO3D back into the system tray.
- To quit HOLO3D, right click on HOLO3D and select "Exit", or press the "X" key.

Option To Startup Minimized/Windowed
You can now configure HOLO3D to startup minimized or windowed. Starting in minimized mode is useful if you have System Tray Icon enabled.
Go to Setup Menubar -> Setup OSD -> Startup Mode

Command Line Parameters
Command line support has now been added to HOLO3D to control all settings!
- The command line options also even work while HOLO3D is already running or while HOLO3D is already in the system tray!
- You can create desktop icons with separate command line options!
- You can do things like input switching without bringing up the HOLO3D window UI.!
- You can write batch files to automate HOLO3D if you wish!
- You can do command line options in a windowless manner!
- No need to have multiple HOLO3D.INI files anymore! (The HOLO3D.INI command line parameter is still supported for backwards compatibility.)
- You can even do "presets" via this manner by setting many different picture/aspect settings in a singe bunch of command line options!
- Using the standard method of assigning keypress shortcuts to desktop icons, you can configure it so that Ctrl+Alt+F1 sets "S-Video" with preferred aspect ratio, and Ctrl+Alt+F2 sets "Component" with a different preferred aspect ratio and picture settings.
- For more information, see this thread.
- There is no documentation yet of valid arguments but you can just view your HOLO3D.INI file for valid values and copy and paste specific lines from HOLO3D.INI into your desired command line. Make sure you add quotation marks around the values (especially if they contain spaces), as indicated in the below example:
code:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------C:\HOLO3D\HOLO3D.EXE Input="S-Video" HDAUX_Timings="1024x768p"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This feature is for developers and computer programmers. You can now do SendMessage's to increment/decrement/absolute set/get any setting within HOLO3D! For more information, see this thread.

Video Blanking on HD-Aux
There is now video blanking on the HD-Aux output when changing Inputs/Aspect Ratios/Formats/Resolutions/etc. This hides video disturbances.

0% CPU While Minimized
When minimized, HOLO3D now uses 0% CPU.

Video Disable Mode
This particular feature is for HD-Aux users. There is a way to permanently disable desktop video, if you want video strictly only on the HD-Aux output. Video Disabled Mode also makes HOLO3D use 0% CPU whenever it is idling, even in windowed mode!
Go to Setup Menubar -> Setup Picture -> Video Disabled

Always On OSD Setting
This is useful for people who want the OSD to be always displayed on an LCD touchpad or web tablet, as a method of controlling HOLO3D. Since this setting is dangerous for CRT and Plasma displays, this setting is not accessible by the OSD user interface. You have to quit HOLO3D and then manually edit the HOLO3D.INI file to enable this feature. Find the "OSDAlwaysDisplayed=Off" line and change this line to "OSDAlwaysDisplayed=On". Then start HOLO3D.

Persistent Settings in Right-Click Menu
The three checkmark settings in the right-click popup menu are now memorized from startup to startup, including the `Always On Top`, `Window Title Bar`, and `System Tray Icon`.

Prompt for RGBHV Daughterboard Upon First Run
If you are a HOLO3D-II user without an HD-Aux board, then HOLO3D will prompt to ask you whether or not you have an RGBHV daughterboard. This simply enables the HD-Aux features which are otherwise off by default if you don't have an HD-Aux. (Note: Not all HD-Aux features work on the RGBHV daughterboard)

Global Output Color Space Setting
By popular demand, the Output Color Space setting has now been made a global setting rather than per-resolution. Yes, this means you have to set it yet again when you install 2.4 but this time you only need to set it - ONCE!

Better Advanced Menu HD-Aux Adjustments
The settings in Advanced Menubar -> HD-Aux Menu have been improved with additional settings to facilitate advanced tweakers who want to adjust horizontal and vertical timings. Vertical timings have been added. Also defaults are now made correct, so you can safely reset the individual setting to default found from

Additional Refresh Rate Presets
There are now additional refresh rate presets in case these are necessary for activating native rate on your display. There are now 50/56/59.94/60/71.928/72/75 rates. Please note, there is no 3:3 pulldown support for smooth 72 Hz, these modes were added mainly because some displays specifically requre these refresh rates.
Go to Main Menubar -> Resolutions -> Advanced -> Refresh Rate

Fixed Resolution Switch On Auto Format
A bug in the previous version caused delayed mode switches. Resolution & Refresh switching works immediately upon automatic format, if you have automatic mode switching enabled for NTSC/PAL automatic format detection.

Fixed Sync-On-Green and Composite-Sync
A bug in the previous version prevented these settings from working in HOLO3D, while VideoProc worked. These settings are now also working in HOLO3D.

Fixed Menu Flicker Upon Startup
The On-Screen Menus no longer behave erratically or flicker excessively if you try to use them immediately after startup on a HOLO3D-II with HD-Aux. All HD-Aux menu items are now accessible immediately upon startup.

Fixed X-Card Horiz Sync Offset / Vertical Sync Offset
Version 2.3 had incorrect defaults for these settings for X-Users. However, if you still have a blue line at the left/right side of your image, please adjust Setup Menubar -> Setup Picture -> Horiz Sync Offset (If you end up adjusting this, please let me know what settings you are using)

Same Drivers As 2.3
The same 2003-10-17 drivers are included in the download. If you already installed the drivers included with Version 2.3, you do not need to reinstall these drivers. Also, if you are using a HOLO3D-I original board, you can keep using the drivers that came with Version 2.0 RC3, if you wish.

Passthrough Unchanged / MiniDIN Unchanged / DVI Unchanged
No bug fixes have been added in these departments - Some of the issues are driver related and no new drivers are included with this release yet. However, please test these features again anyway and report.

And all the features of these versions:
Version 2.3
Version 2.2c
Version 2.2a

Frank   /   ISF & HAA certified
Custom installer

Volledige ISF calibraties inclusief HDR en 4K.