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Title: Internal BETA release for H3DII.
Post by: J.A.F._Doorhof on July 21, 2003, 09:52:36
So we have an internal beta release using a little app we use called videoproc.exe that I'd like to post. This is not the user interface that will be provided nor supported going forward. Marky will be taking source snippets from it though and incorporating it into the regular H3D UI this week. Install the videoproc.exe and the input/output data files into the same directory.

This release is for H3D-II users that use either the HD Aux or RGBVH output ONLY.

So what can you do with this?

- 480i/576i input only. (HD inputs next release)
- Scale to 720P/1080i and several others
- RGBVH and DVI output
- Colorspace conversion (RGB/YPrPb/YCrCb output)
- Basic aspect ratio control
- PC loopback control

I would probably start the normal UI to adjust picture controls. Do NOT adjust anything else in the regular interface though while the videoproc.exe app is running. Use the videoproc.exe app to change inputs and output resolutions.

Please post any bugs you find here. Keep your testing and feedback limited to the above functionality - anything else is basically noise since we are likely already working on them (again, things like 1080i input, advanced blanking/aspect ratios, etc.).

That said, here are some known issues at the moment:

- Blanking / Curtains don't operate correctly
- Aspect's seem to work except for 480i Letterbox source to 16:9 display. (Problem with adjusting input aspects)
- PC Loop back is currently started by the driver fairly late in the bootup - just before the Windows desktop comes up. (

Persoonlijk zou ik nog even wachten totdat Mark alles in de GUI heeft ingewerkt en PAL voor 100% werkt. Ik heb deze versie nog niet getest, zal dat vanavond doen.