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Title: Hi-fi Choice test: Vivid Audio B1 Speakers
Post by: Marcel_T. on March 7, 2006, 11:31:48

The first South African loudspeaker to come our way is also one of the most distinctive we've seen for a long time. The Vivid B1 has some unusual pedigree, in that it was designed by the man who produced the original snail-like Nautilus speaker for B&W, one Laurence 'Dic' Dickie.


This is one of the most revealing and neutral speakers we've heard and a remarkable achievement for a new company. In many respects the price seems low for what's on offer - go to Revel or Focal-JMlab and you might pay an extra 30 per cent for a competing product. The fact that it's so elegant is the icing on the cake, and we look forward to bigger cakes from the Vivid kitchen with relish.