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Title: Minireview uit Griekenland over cable pods
Post by: J.A.F._Doorhof on February 22, 2005, 08:09:28
Dit kreeg ik vanmorgen bij de mail :D.

Thought you'd be interested to read comments on the CablePod - received from a well respected magazine reviewer in Greece.  His email below:

"Hello Rob,

I got your CablePods on Friday .... What an amazing product. Compared to the WBTs and the Cardas Rhodium that I used in the system previously the system now is so much smother, so much more real, so much more human. Albums that before I thought to have poor engineering now sound so much better, I can enjoy them so much more. It is amazing (note that this is the second time I use that word). I still cannot believe it. And the difference was immediate, no need for time for the solder to stabilize. I will definitely publish a review in our magazine, but until then you can publish parts of these comments in your site. Thanks for a truly great product that costs so little and does so much!"

With respect,
Athanasios Moraitis
Editor In Chief
DVD Home Theater Magazine
Athens, Greece