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Title: Oplossing chroma delay ?
Post by: J.A.F._Doorhof on February 11, 2005, 10:25:53

Josex posted some timings for the holo/HDAux combo in the chroma delay thread that nobody really noticed. Unfortunately while the chroma delay was gone the Picture was still unwatchable as it flickered on and off.

I have gone from there and managed to get a 1280 x 720 timing with 50Hz that works fine with my setup, which is Holo II with HDAux with RGBHV out to a CRT projector.

So here are the timings, enjoy !

iHTotal 1650
iHActive 1280
iHSyncWidth 89
iHSyncOffset 256
iHPosition -115
iSerationWidth 89
iVTotal 750
iVActive 720
iVSyncWidth 5
iVSyncOffset 26
iVPosition 0
iBlankLeft 0
iBlankRight 0
iBlankTop 0
iBlankBottom 0
iCurtainLeft 0
iCurtainRight 0
iCurtainTop 0
iCurtainBottom 0
ulFreq 61875000
dFrameRate 50.000000
dAspectRatio 0.000000

This has to be put into the output.fmt data to work, but I think most advanced users will know this.

Any other resolutions (candidates would be 480p, 576p, 1080i with 50/60Hz) that somebody gets to work let us know, I suggest post them here in this thread if there are any

And to state the obvious: The added line that makes it possible is VID_FMT_OVERSAMPLE.


Van het Immersive board.
Title: Re: Oplossing chroma delay ?
Post by: pietnoeck on February 11, 2005, 13:52:54

Ik heb er al een ganse tijd geen last meer van hoor.
Gebruik nu de RGBHV ext en HD-aux. DE H3D II zit in het laatste slot.
IK kijk nu bijna dagelijk naar series zoals the OC, ER, 24 , point pleasant, Desperate Housewives (via SKY op sat en allemaal in breed beeld en met een svideo-input) en het beeld is zeer aangenaam om naar te kijken !
Scherp en geen chroma-delay meer te zien.